Game, Set & Match !

12th July
I made a promise to myself when I started writing these ‘notes’ that I would bring some flavour for the readers.
Tonight, will be the first time since the Epic 2008 Wimbledon Final that Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have played against one another at Wimbledon. 11 years has passed, and they will face off in what some are saying could be the greatest tennis match in history.

During the intervening 11 years thousands upon thousands of outstanding tennis players have attempted to displace Roger and Rafa from the upper echelons of the game and failed. One of the best known is our own Nick Kyrgios who burst onto the scene in 2013 and in 2014 defeated Rafa Nadal at Wimbledon. After this victory Kyrgios was being hailed as the next superstar of the game. “A player for the ages” some commentators were saying. Whilst Nick has delivered some major wins in his career it would be fair to say that his ability to perform consistently has been lacking and his willingness to compete and give his best effort deserts him often. Those same commentators who hailed him are now saying ‘He is lazy’, ‘He lacks drive’, ‘He doesn’t work hard enough’ and so on.

Association of Tennis Professional Rankings
Roger Federer 2008 - 1 & 2019 - 3
Rafael Nadal 2008 - 2 & 2019 - 2
Nick Kyrgios 2008 - n/a & 2019 - 43

How is it possible for Roger and Rafa to stay at the top for so long? In my opinion they both have the rare combination of desire for constant improvement, a love for what they do, a desire to win and experience.

The Real Estate Sales Industry is like the tennis tour in some ways. New agents enter the industry promising sellers the world and sometimes they deliver but most times they don’t because in a normal market like the market is today experience is vital and the many years spent building relationships and trust is super important.

When your ready to sell, hire a Roger or Rafa, not a Nick.

All the best,