Everyday is Different - This was Exceptional

29th July 2019

The XP Falcon pulled into the curb as I was speaking to some prospective purchasers towards the end of an open for inspection. The prospective purchasers had one child and despite loving the location of the home made it clear the home was simply ‘too small for us’

A quiet day was ending, and this was my last open for inspection. I went back through the home and switched all lights off and double checked that the home was secure and proceeded to leave the property. I could see that the XP Falcon was still parked outside the home and as I approached the area to collect my open for inspection sign, I noticed an elderly couple were in the car just sitting quietly. I gestured to the elderly gent in the driver’s seat to wind his window down. He did and I asked if all was ok? He quietly said the home I was selling was where he had grown up as a child.

I invited him and his wife to come through the home. Over the course of the next hour I heard the story of how a child of the 1930’s lived. One of 9 children in a two-bedroom home whose role in the family was to climb the hill at the rear of the home in the early evening to the flour mill and see if he could scrounge enough flour to ensure the whole family was fed that evening. How he played hide and seek with his brothers and sisters where a Safeway now stood opposite the home. How summers were spent sleeping on the back porch. How, the children that were up first had use of the few bikes the family shared for the day ahead.

What touched me was the energy was gone but the memories remained strong.

Real Estate is often more than just trying to make a sale.
All the best