Scott McCormick

Scott McCormick

Principal - Fully Licensed Estate Agent

I have over 20 years real estate experience that can assist you in realizing a great sale or buying experience.

I am always extremely grateful to be given an opportunity by our vendors to represent them in the sale of their property and will always represent them professionally and with their best interest at top of mind.

As a professional agent acting on your behalf:

1. I will always be on time.

2. I will always be available for my clients

3. I will always do what I say I was going to do for you.

I will also:

1. Consult with you. I will make sure you make a good decision at every step in the process.

2. Negotiate for you. This means I will treat your money likes it’s my money.

3. Handle all the Details for you. This means I will ensure all the steps in the real estate process are handled properly for you.

I will get the job done properly for you and will not let you down.

Call Scott 0409 216 465 anytime